Detective Samurai

Detective Samurai

Name Secret Identity Alternate Names* Age
Detective Samurai Clay Jones Dick Kenshin 43


Clay Jones was born in Oakland, 1968, a small quaint town on the outskirts of Vernon. He was born into a relatively poor family, his father was a patriotic 'proud-to-be' American who worked in coal mines whilst his mother, a young Japanese woman, was a housewife who spent most of her time knitting and watching over her 3 children: Clay, Joanne and Jennifer.

Clay was the only boy out of the 3 children, although he was usually in charge. At school, he attained average results like every other kid in the day, and he lived a relatively predictable life, until one day he heard news from his mother that the coal mine his father: Rick Jones, worked in collapsed. He spent countless hours sitting outside the coalmine, waiting for the sounds of rubble moving, and the sound of his father. But there was none, but an eerie silence.

Something in Clay Jones died that day. His spirit of patriotism. And so Clay vowed never to let his life go to waste, as he had seen in just one day - lives can be so easily changed. He worked his hardest to become the true spirit of patriotism, representing his country in a few athletic competitions and so on. Eventually, Clay dropped out of highscool to go into a relatively unknown job: bounty hunting. He heard rumors going around that the mine collapsed due to a bunch of rival miners who had rigged the mine beforehand.

He demanded justice, and justice, he would bring. Donning a trenchcoat, handcrafted armor, and a recgonizable headgear, Clay practiced the art of weaponry, eventually learning how to use a gun and his mother's prized katana to proficiency. With his new identity: Detective Samurai, Clay set out to hunt down the rival miners who were part of a company known as Goldback Nuggets, led by none other than the ruthless greedy corporate bigshot: Hamilton Hardcastle. And so Clay set out on a quest for closure.


Clay is a patriotic man, now aged 43, who seeks justice and closure. Whilst young, he was rebellious and never really focused but when his father was killed in a supposed 'collapsing mine', something in him changed, and that something changed for the better.

He works as a IT consultant in his spare time, his mother is still a housewife and he still lives with her, though she knows about his identity as the Detective Samurai.

He uses the alternate identity of "Dick Kenshin" when fighting crime so as not to put his family in danger.


Unlike your typical superhero, Clay Jones does not have any "superpowers" instead an uncanny proficiency with two-handed blades (in particular, the katana) and revolvers, able to shoot even the tiniest and fast moving of objects, and supposedly slice bullets in two. He also has an uncanny natural speed, in which he can catch up to moving bicycles in short periods of time.


Clay's weakness is all in the mind, he has a psychological complication that doesn't allow him to stop. Clay keeps going - on his quest for closure, and will stop at nothing and take every risk to get there. He also has a bond of siblinghood with his siblings: Joanne and Jennifer, who are now grown up and married, and living in other parts of the country though they still keep in touch, unbeknownst about his secret identity.


Clay Jones (a.k.a Detective Samurai) is not part of any group, instead he works vigilante, occasionally working in the shadows stopping common crinimals although his main objective is to defeat and takedown the sinister organization of Goldback Nuggets run by Hamilton Hardcastle.