It is the year 1966, and a mysterious figure enters town. His name is Novadeus and no one knows why he has such a quirky name or what. But he's a pretty shady figure, constantly appearing at scenes of crimes. One day, there's reports of a bank heist at the local 'Imperial Bank' and Novadeus quickly enters the fray. The robbers are confronted, and begin shooting Novadeus whilst they try to getaway, but Novadeus is no ordinary human. He is a hero. His body soon absorbs the bullets, and his hands pulse, glowing blue, before emitting light rays of extreme power into the robbers. Without killing them, but severely knocking them out and putting them in the cells, Novadeus soon becomes a well known figure, as the man with the 'glowing hands'.

He's the first hero in Herotropolis. Soon, others begin entering the fray, discovering their newfound powers. Ones like, Verisdeus, Zephyria and the Red Panda. But soon, villains appear - heros that use their powers for the wrong thing. And the war between good vs. evil erupts as villains like Prof. Van Duke, Duke Killerian and the Blackjack emerge. Criminal organizations like the aforementioned Blackjack enter the fray, as well as heroic ones like the 'Global Alliance'. The war has begun.

Novadeus dissapears out of fame, and becomes a wandering vagabond. Rumor has it that he has returned to his home planet: he did after all, display some shockingly relevant cosmic powers, so he must have been a cosmic entity. Or so they say.

Soon enough, the hero/villain thing gets out of hand, and the government decides to remedy this. With the Mayor Herbert Freud's help, the SRA (Superhuman Registration Act) is launched, and superhumans are forced to register with the government, and give up their secret identities and become the government's dogs or stay vigilante, fighting crime from the shadows whilst being hunted down by the government. Villains too are under the eye of the government, and so only the strongest survive, the weak ones picked off and sent to the slammer, where they either live the rest of their days or plot an escape. Many of them eventually do.

The SRA becomes national news, and soon there are two clear sides between the heroes: one is the side of the Global Alliance, the organization of heros registered with the government and sorted into subgroups, depending on their specialty and style of heroism, and the unofficial 'Vigilantes' (or so they're called) that aren't registered with the government, and mainly comprise of villains or vagabond heroes.

Suddenly, Herotropolis has become a place where heroes are hunted down to work with the government. So why is the name 'Herotropolis' so fitting? Well, there are questions to be answered, villains to be defeated, world-destroying plans to be stopped, and cosmic entities to be taken down. Life isn't on the hero's side.

Especially when Prof Van. Duke is trying to develop mind control technology in his organization: The Dominion, with his robot sidekick: DL3. And alien warlords from the planet Jugope are trying to find new planets to colonize. And men in snake suits with poison-tipped gloves are robbing banks. And Duke Killerian is running out slaughtering innocents on an uncharted island in the high seas. And Baron Evil is trying to develop a satellite to send into space that can take down entire countries. No, being a hero was never easy.

Finally, the late scientist Doc Munroe makes an astonishing discovery, he traces the origin of 'Novadeus' back to the passing of Halley's comet in 1910: the trail of special elements contained within the comet's tail passed the Earth, and was scattered over the world: many lives were unknowingly changed that day, but not until the fateful year of 1963, did somebody realize that superpowers existed. In fact, he stated that possibly everyone had a superpower they were still unable to unlock.

And then came the government experiments. The government got hold of a few superheroes: for instance, Electramistress and Zephyria and began tests on the DNA, isolating the 'super-gene' and then began mass producing it. It began experiments on subjects, specially subjecting them to training to produce 'artificial superheroes'. Although the failure rate to success rate was something like 1:50, they finally made their first breakthrough in 1988, when the first artificial superhero: Orion was born. Then came more. Soon, there was a whole band of government-superheroes, specially created. The scientist's next step was to figure out how to customize each power uniquely to each person's characteristics, but to this date they have yet to perfect that technique.

The year is now 2011.

And that's where you come in: employed by a mysterious facilitator who provides you with a base, as long as you take down the gambling organization Blackjack for him first. But all things have a reason. And all things lead to other things. And soon, a chain of events will form. One that the heroes must unravel to get to the bottom of all the crises going on. Stuff like this only happens in the world of comic books. Or the world of Herotropolis.