This section is sorted into four categories: Archvillains, Recurring Villains, Infrequent Villains and Planned Villains. If you wish to add to the list, make sure you sort out villains in alphabetical order and categorize them accordingly. Each section has a short description to tell you what it is about.


Each hero has their respective archvillain - their perfect match-up that keeps coming back, driven by whatever motive they have, to finally trump their nemesis.

Recurring Villains

This section is a list of major villains in the plot that are recurring - they keep coming back, but not to the extent or significance of Archvillains

Infrequent Villains

This section lists those villains that make appearances every now and then, but do not serve much purpose for the plot.

Planned Villains

This section details all the villains that have yet to appear in the story but are planned to, or are just in this section for show.